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Big Swimming Pool For Babies

Product:Big Swimming Pool for Babies Brand:Nami•Mengpo Model:MG9903-6(cartoon blue) MG9903-7(cartoon purple) Size:3000x2000x1050mm Depth:840 mm Volume: 6.3m3 Age:0-5 years old
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    Jiaxing Selak Sanitary Wares Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the best big swimming pool for babies manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale cheap big swimming pool for babies from our factory.

    Product: Big Swimming Pool for Babies

    Brand: Nami • Mengpo

    Model: MG9903-6 (blue) 

    MG9903-7 (purple) 

    Size:3000 x 2000 x 1050 mm 

    Interior Size: 2730 x 1700 x 840 mm

    Volume: 6.3 m3  

    Age: 0-5 years old  

    Application: baby swimming club, baby entertainment center, maternity and children hospital, family, baby care center, etc.


    - Whirlpool function (7 nozzles);  

    - Air bubble function (8 nozzles);  

    - Thermostat system; 

    - 7-color LED lights;     

    - Fountain jets with lights; 

    - Control panel; 

    - Radio function; 

    - Water circulation and filtration; 

    - Ozone sterilization. 


    ○ Big swimming pool for babies 

    ○ Material - Environmentally friendly ABS plastic material, reinforced by fiberglass. The surface of the pool is smooth and easy to clean, no toxic released in use.

    ○ Strong support - The pool is strongly supported by the frame made up by stainless steel square tubes, with adjustable feet at the bottom for horizontal adjustment.

    ○ Energy Saving - With good heat-insulation effect of the material and a heater with thermostat, the swimming pool saves both water and energy.

    ○ Easy Operation - Easy control on whirlpool, air bubble, LED lights, temperature control, circulation cleaning, radio functions through the control panel.

    ○ Entertaining - Colorful lights and beautiful music keep the babies entertained during swimming.

    ○ Water sanitation - Water filtration and ozone sterilization keep the water and equipment in good hygienic condition.


    1. power of air bubble   

    2. suction   

    3. whirlpool nozzle    

    4. small LED light    

    5. power of fountain  

    6. underwater LED light       

    7. waterfall-style water spout with lights 

    8. water filter intake and overflow hole

    9. control panel        

    10. switch of adding air into whirlpool flow  

    11. ozone inlet  

    12. air bubble nozzle    

    13. fountain jets with lights      

    14. transparent tempered glass  

    1. waterfall-style water spout with LED lights; 2. small LED lights; 3. water filter; 4. distribution box; 5. light synchronizer; 6. big LED light; 7. residual-current device (RCD); 8. heater with thermostat; 9. whirlpool pump; 10. switch of water in maintenance; 11. drain pipe; 12. air pump; 13. suction; 14. ozone generator; 15. water inlet.

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